KINGART® Original Gold® 9375 Mid-Length Liner Series


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The Original Gold® 9375 Mid-Length Liner Series brushes have long, slender bristles that come to a precise point. The resiliency of these liners allows them to snap back to their original shape after use. Great for creating consistent lines with precision. Perfect for a variety of detail work as well.

Our amazing Mid-Length Liner is longer than the 9370 Liner, yet shorter than our 9050 Script Liner.  This size brush was created in the 80's together with Jackie Shaw who is an internationally recognized decorative artist, teacher, and author.  

Liner brushes enhance your painting with detailed lines, outlining, and/or fancy borders. Liner brushes with their long-length hair and fine points are the ideal tool. The paint should be thinned to an inky consistency so that it flows easily from the brush. Use for continuous curved or straight lines, varying thickness with pressure changes with highlighting, monogramming, outlining, stroke work, or texture lines.

KINGART® Original Gold® 9375 Mid-Length Liner Series